What is an African Smart Cities GreenTech Startup Bootcamp?

This is an intense 54-hour event, during which potential entrepreneurs will be empowered with the skills and tools relevant to start up a sustainable business focusing on clean technology solutions to impact climate change.


The objective of the initiative is to identify, build capacity and provide a supportive ecosystem for a pipeline of clean technology entrepreneurs in the Region. Through theAfrica GreenTech Startup bootcamp, startups focused on the respective areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, water/waste management; sustainable agriculture/agribusiness and resource use efficiency will receive opportunities for further development. 

Startups will additionally have the opportunity to network with like-minded young startup companies, industry experts & mentors along with gaining invaluable insights and lesson on developing a successful cleantech business. The Center’s regional hubs will also be provided training at the bootcamps to equip them with the know-how better to conduct such Africa programs in their respective countries.

Day 1: Meet, Pitch & Team Up

Pre- Bootcamp Event: Idea Generation Session

Participants are provided education on what is a startup and information on the current market problems. The sessions allow for participants to have a better understanding of the real technology/project problems related to climate change in order to be better equipped to enter the bootcamp with a business solution.

Registration & Networking

Get to know your new friends, Meet the people you will be working

60 Second to Pitch & Choose your idea

Participants will be provided one minute to pitch their business idea to fellow participants. From the top pitches, participants will choose which business idea they will be working on over the weekend.

Build a Team

Whether it’s your idea or someone else’s, you’ll create a cross-functional team to work with over the weekend.

The Schedule

Here’s what happens during Africa GreenTech Startup Bootcamp:

Day 2: Mentorship & Teamwork

Learn from the best

Local mentors will be coming in throughout the bootcamp to provide you guidance through the hard problems.

Team Work

We have the resources and an amazing team to make things happen in a short period of time. Its up to each team to build upon their business model.

itch in front of a Panel of Judges

You will be provided 5 minutes to present your cleantech business idea to your fellow participants, specially invited guess and a panel of experts judges.


Watch other teams present and celebrate the hard work you have done. Get the opportunity talk to judges , mingles with guests and celebrate memories that will last a lifetime